Week 6, and I’m Taking on Cyber Bullying

Blogger Idol

I’m still in it! It’s week 6 in the Blogger Idol competition, and in a surprise twist, no one was eliminated last week. I’m not going to lie to you; these past six weeks have been tough. But tough like writers’ boot camp… lots of hard work that toughens you up, and shapes you into something different. Something better.

I’ll give you an example. This week our assignment was “Hot Topics”. I’m a humor writer… I don’t do politics, and as ripe for ridicule as the Kardashians are, I won’t write about them either. (Eccchhh….they get enough exposure. Like the celebrity version of lice in a preschool.) But I stretched my blogger wings, so to speak, and I’m pretty proud of the post. It’s a pretty serious subject: cyber bullying.  Never mind that it took eating my weight in Reese’s Cups to write it. I learned a lot in researching it, and I hope you do too. Click here to check it out, and of course voting for me would be even better!

Seriously. Vote. You don’t want to be responsible for me ending up rocking in the corner, my face all covered in melted chocolate and tear stains, do you?  Didn’t think so.


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