Lisa grew up in a normal, middle class suburb of Dayton, Ohio, playing outside and  occasionally amusing herself by dressing the dog in underpants. That is, until age seven, when she was unceremoniously uprooted and moved to a leafy enclave in which home haircuts and  Sears Toughskins were most definitely not de rigeur. While learning to navigate the tricky world of Pappagallo shoes, country club tennis lessons, and the proper goddamn fork, she immersed herself in books. Despite being recognized by most of her elementary teachers as “not working up to her potential”, she eventually managed to graduate high school and even college.

Eventually she wound up in Washington DC, where for years she worked in the decidedly unfunny Telcom industry.  She and her ever-so-patient husband eventually moved back to Ohio, because people are nice there.

As President and CEO of a family of five, Lisa now writes for her sanity (and, let’s be honest, sometimes for money).  When she’s not writing, driving kids to sports, or trying to come up with a dinner that everyone will eat without complaining, she’s a fearless DIYer.

Notes from the Shallow End

The moment it began to dawn on me that we were now outnumbered.